I was in Boston last summer.

When he gets drunk, he's quite an interesting priest, and he talks about various things.


Why don't you guys go get ready for school?

Don't make fun of me when I'm speaking seriously.

What's the fare to Liverpool?

With only a single drop of poison, the well-known fighter was defeated.

For a long time society was strongly hierarchal and unequal, primarily composed of peasants. The most backward, impoverished population, were crushed by the weight of the taxes, wars, and famines.


There are some tomatoes in the refrigerator.

Once I learned what to listen for, I came to appreciate modern jazz.

You can't have both books.

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She restored his enthusiasm and desire to fight.

Has Europe lost its soul?

We don't need to see it.

That's interesting, but beside the point.

Are things OK with you?

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One of the piano strings is broken.

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I still have time.

You have to take bus number 12.

I almost died.


The house which stands on the hill is very old.

Do you remember when Avery's birthday is?

Who could refuse?

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Jeff has a black dog, doesn't he?

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I didn't want to involve you.


It likes to smoke tobacco.

At five years old he already knew how to ski.

Thirteen people were detained.

It was the perfect moment for a kiss.

Since this is important, I'd like you to attend to it yourself.

She lived at 56 Russell Square.

Donovan handed the photo album to Ahmet.

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Just what was the plan?

The dogs were howling at the moon.

Would you like a glass of orange juice with your breakfast?

We are all eager for him to win the Nobel prize.

I will take care of the flowers.

We have to do this every day.

If dinner isn't ready by seven, I'm going to a restaurant.

A good biography is interesting and instructive.

How did he ever get so lucky?

Raj can't seem to do anything right.

He felt perfectly content.


The police can't arrest Kazuhiro.

I will have finished the work by noon.

Wouldn't you like to go with us?

He'll come to see us before he leaves this city.

If you want some help with vocabulary, let me know!


He is every bit a scholar.


Patrick cares for you very much.

That's very encouraging.

I can only speak English.

I'll come home by six o'clock.

We want to measure your blood pressure.

My knife has gotten dull.

I don't think that'll be a problem.

I tried to call Mr Smith, but the line was busy.

You must miss Matthias a lot.

Listen, Israel! The Lord is our God; the Lord is one.

You won't have a choice.

It sounds like you two had a problem.

Jane has a Japanese friend who speaks English well.

The towels are dirty.

How could Juergen not have known that?

Tait needed help fast.

They know we're cops.

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Serdar wants this one.

He gave me a nasty punch to the face.

Don't antagonize me.

I want to point out that I am open to ideas for improvement, but first will sleep it off.

Hardly had he entered the room, when she burst into tears.

I held the knife in my left hand.

I remember Felix's bachelor party.

I only wish it were that simple.

The crowd cheers for both teams.

In Spain they speak Spanish.

Suresh is faithful to Vicki.

He left the window as it was, open.

What could possibly have gone wrong?

Bernard ended up going himself.

Dustin was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.


State your case briefly.

We've got to make sure.

Skip thought Andrea didn't like cats.


Just joshing.

Hi Mr Ant, keeping up the good work today as well. Here's a sugar cube.

I should just go home.

At first I didn't know.

Louie, your friends are coming.

It was all a big lie.

You should suggest something like these to Van.


Ann told me he wouldn't be able to do that.

The child is eating the meat.

I wish I could use magic.


Have the courage to save our earth.

Not everyone can be a poet.

His request was tantamount to a threat.


Have you finished writing your reports yet?


Christopher is our enemy.


I am in the house.


Surya was rude.


I was just trying to protect you.

I wasn't prepared for it.

Someone's coming.

Why isn't John doing this?

We shouldn't do that again.

We've made a lot of improvements today.

Lou and Lucifer reminisced about the night they met all those years ago.

Did you get a good look at his face?

On the last page, Gretchen wrote: "Where did I leave my glasses?"

Where's all the money coming from?

What is the correct answer?

A baby is sleeping in the cradle.

I've got to tell someone.

I didn't know what to say to her.

He stole money from me.

The frost had a bad effect on the crops.

I didn't know you could do that.


Are you sure you're up for this?


We have not enough strength to follow all our reason.


I have read every book in the library.

It was snowing thick and fast.

Plants grow towards the sun.

Instead of beating around the bush, Jones got straight to the point.

All that junk is not going to put you out of the mess.

I've suffered enough.

I think Lucius is handling it well.

One thing I don't like about the iPad is that you can't easily install apps that aren't available through Apple's App Store.

I don't want to marry him.


I have big houses.

Can't you see that Luke doesn't want to talk to you?

I beg your pardon. I didn't think this was your seat.

Would you play with me?

The noisy of heavy traffic was such that the policeman could not make himself heard.


Do you think I should tell him?

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I'd really rather go alone.

I wish I could change places with Tuna, but I can't.

Let's begin on page 30.

It isn't known where the treasures were hidden.

Forget the sad affair.

I feel better than I did.

She almost froze to death in the snow.

Aaron likes jazz, but I don't.

I'm sure Vidhyanath will be thrilled.

Karl and Rafik are going to be here in ten minutes.

She called to tell him that she'd be late.


This was a Christmas present from Pratap.

Pria was able to hear the music from nightclub down the street.

I just need to see them.

He was persuaded to be more sensible.

I really have no idea.

The party is just getting started.

I told her I didn't want to go.

He promised to do his best as president.

Pull over right here.

I couldn't see anything.

I loved high school.

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Perpetual revolutions in technology can mean the devaluation of fixed capital on an extensive scale.

Just be careful of the stairs.

This isn't quite it yet but I think that we are getting closer.

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I've never seen them wear hats.


We removed the old furniture.

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I really like French cooking.

It is difficult to actually stand up against the flow.

I hope that will change soon.

Someone's in my room.

You know it.