Maybe we should try harder.


I can see Nadeem's point.

Politics is the art of perception.

Pandas are cute.

In the U.S., it is illegal to torture people in order to get information from them.

"My name's Boyce. I'm from France." "Carter! You've gotta teach me English one of these days!"


Bert reached for his rifle.

I was in pretty bad shape.

Isn't it strange that Donn isn't here by now?


She made me cookies.

If you don't want to buy some unnecessary thing, don't go to the fair.

I've put on a lot of weight since Christmas.

Do you think that Steve Jobs would have been as successful as he has been if his last name were "Joobs" instead?

Tell me what Clay told you.

In the end, we obtained what we wanted.

He didn't brake on time, and ran into a tree.


No one is allowed to translate this sentence.

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I don't know who's coming.


I used to have an old Rolls Royce.


I know you want to come home.

Susan is a senior executive.

What city are you in?

The honeymoon is over.

Amy is watching Valeria.

We should put out a call for bids.

It always takes time to get used to a new place.

This towel is rough to the touch.

The problem's been solved.


You have done a wonderful job.

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He is the last man that I want to talk with.

Marcos is off duty.

He asked her to marry him and she accepted his proposal.


They want a few more hours to finish the report.

Timo didn't do it so well.

How could you turn me in?

Is there anything we could do to help?

I read that book several years ago.


I got acquainted with him three years ago.

Last night I went to bed late after writing a letter.

Do you accept Visa card?

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She cannot stop them.

I don't hold that against you.

He was trying to find the guy who hit him on the head.

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And spy not, neither backbite one another. Would any of you love to eat the flesh of his dead brother? You would abhor that!

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Olson brought a gift for Think.


I forgot my key.

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I haven't seen him recently.

She begged for mercy.

I'm trying to figure out what to tell Sridhar.

There was a violent tremor during the night, so I was scared and couldn't sleep very well.

Is Loyd richer than Shuvra?


I have no intention of retiring. I'm still young.

The gap in perspective between man and woman on home management.

He made Jacques an offer he couldn't refuse.

Niels downed the glass of wine.

What size shoes do you wear?

You're the one I've been wanting to meet.

I like the diversity.

It's easier to make plans than to realise them.

A lot of my classmates think that I'm dumb.

Hazel, you're pretending to be asleep, aren't you?

You really have no hope.

He examined it from top to bottom.

There's people complaining of everything.

Tell me when you're ready.

Do you still have a gun?

Actually, I did not witness the traffic accident.

Why are you mad?

The news of the death of his son was a shock.

If Gordon spoke a little slower, people would be able to understand him better.

That's not so long.

I feel like a brand new person.

You sound like an idiot if you talk like this.

At least 100 people attended.

The boy broke the window with a baseball last weekend.

Where did you try them on?

Send me the account.

What's wrong with the way I dress?

Does she know your telephone number?

His answer is not altogether satisfactory to us.


I'd like some unsweetened tea, please.

He is the champion.

Weren't you crying?

We spent the night laying on the grass looking at the stars, so we could find a meaning or logic to life.

I ought to do this by myself.

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Can you clarify that?

Save me a seat.

It's probably best if we go now.

She had a little money.

I'll not divorce you, unless you give me a good reason.

So I thought my date, er rather, offline-meeting was going to be just me and her but things aren't that easy.

Don't fall off your chair.


Pieter has an extravagant lifestyle.

The circus sea lion did a trick.

Why doesn't she give me presents anymore?


I'm as tired as tired can be.

If I were free, I would accept your invitation.

Rand broke the glass.


I can't give any more of an answer than that.


This is the first time in a while that someone we had such high hopes for came to our department.

When the rock singer appeared on the stage, the audience at the concert clapped loudly.

Yoko danced with a grace that surprised us.


Sergeant has already finished his homework.


Nobody went there.

Mehrdad is actually a good singer.

Do tigers purr?


I asked her.


There's a guy named Pedro Jackson on death row.

He is always writing about journey to other planets.

It was real hard work.

I received a very strange e-mail the other day.

This beer mug holds one pint.

That rumor soon spread.

She slept off her hangover.


Please allow me to say a few words on this occasion.


Fact is stranger than fiction.

The tea set isn't complete.

The voices coming from the jungle frightened the explorers.


I didn't think I was going to like you this much.

We ate at many good restaurants, but your food was the best of all!

She lives in an apartment.

Sheila and Pilar want to meet you.

He was never content.

I don't like the polluted atmosphere of big cities.

At the end of the story, the poor orphan girl marries the king's son.

Jamie Clancy passed away at 66.

Can I see your driver's license?

How long do you want to stay here?

One of the knives is missing.

He wrote about plants and trees.

Lately, I haven't been able to see him, we just pass by each other.


Bradley is the only person Klaudia can trust.


Amarth came home Monday afternoon at 2:30.


We won't do it again.

I'm trying to impress Jurevis.

I can't believe Duane didn't tell us about Saumya.

The contestant made two false starts.

I can't help doing that.

My French teacher told to rewrite my essay.

Nici pointed out some problems.

If you want to speak to me, please call me up.

Sharon almost never gets scared.


Would you come to the cinema with me?

He loves ceremonies.

My brother advised me to stop smoking.


Translation is a kind of special skill.

They left early.

Oh my mother tongue! In your words I prayed my first prayer: Have mercy on me and on my parents, my God!

Many tales of alchemy show up in "Journey to the West".

Is it the right place to sign up for foreign language courses?

I feel more alert after drinking a cup of coffee.

I have no control over what happens.

Sunil knew that George would win.

She really knows how to cook.


Nancy is scared of dogs.


Christina was sent to prison.

She finally fell asleep.

I have not only that to do.

You want to know what I know, don't you?

Irwin was injured in a traffic accident.

It would be difficult to improve the device when there is no effective catalyst.

What kind of teacher do you want to be?