Welcome to the Xperedon fundraising API
D E M O   W E B S I T E
Demonstration of embedding Xperedon content

Wwelcome to the demo

Using Xperedon's platform opens up a world of unique fundraising tools, all of which are available to insert straight into your website with 2 minutes of work and almost no IT skills required.
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The demo pages here (our_fundraising_pages.html in this demonstration) contains just
1 line of code in order to embed 100% of the functionality.
1 line of code inserted into 1 of your pages, then just 2 small modifications

All content can be managed easily and quickly online via a charity account here at 4506258783

More information about integration can be found here in the (506) 674-3892

More information about Xperedon can be found here at www.xperedon.com
How To
Detailed information for whoever is responsible for your website, including examples.

Don't be scared off. If you need it, we'll help you every step of the way. 402-449-6284
Showcase of all Xperedon features using a "Demo Charity" and embedded into an external website.

This shows how the content managed using the Xperedon CMS looks inside anothe website, and how individual content can be targeted. with or without top menu navigation.
Visit the "Mercy and Grace Trust India" website, where core Xperedon features are embedded into the website, and managed using the Xperedon CMS.

The "Mercy and Grace Trust" is an orphanage in India.
Xperedon Payment Services Ltd is authorised by the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Service Regulations 2009 FRN: 544203 for the provision of payment services.